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Welcome to the All Saints' Group of Institutes. Our main aim is to achieve excellence in technical education, in consonance with which Social Service, Indian Cultural Values and National Goals are an essential focus of the ethos of All Saints’ College of Technology. Emphasis is laid on developing inter–personal communication, teamwork and presentation of skills through seminars and workshops on the latest technology to assist the development of a student's overall personality.

Globalisation has ensured that prospects of educated and skilled persons, irrespective of their country of origin, will always be attainable if we provide them with an educational system that not only teaches but encourages 'learning'.
Modern technical tool, available to students today, make knowledge dissemination easy and opens up opportunities for them to become global citizens. As educators we are endeavourers to provide them with the forum to facilitate the fulfillment of their aspirations and our goals.
(A National Level technical Symposium)
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It provides exceptional opportunities for study, research and involves students in interactive learning, experimentation, acquiring various skills and leadership qualities, ultimately enhancing their technical persona.

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latest news
latest news
■ 34 years of educational excellence.
■ Separate timings for First year and Senior students.
■ Emphasis on developing analytical and behavioral skills required in competitions and employment.
■ Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.
■ Stress on academic efficiency and excellence for both staff and students.
■ Laboratories of all branches equipped with latest machinery and equipment.
■ Computerized Library in a large well lit and ventilated hall with more than 18,000 Books, Periodicals, Journals and Magazines.
■ Special emphasis on Cultural Activities to develop talent in dance, instrumental and vocal music, public speaking, debates etc.
■ Educational and Recreational excursions and tours.
■ Medical facilities under supervision of qualified personnel.
■ Special courses for professional and business efficiency in conversational and written English.
■ Publication of 'Vision Tech' (a technical symposium on emerging IT, Electronics, Mechanical fields of research and utility) to provide a forum for comments, opinions, articles and achievements from faculty members, post graduates and undergraduates.
■ Effective interactions with companies and industries to prepare a strong base for campus interviews, selections and placements.
■ Plans for a full fledged sports complex, stadium and recreation center.

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